Posteo: Email, calendar and address book

green, secure, ad-free

  • 2 GB email account, upgradeable
  • Fetched by IMAP/POP3, 50 MB attachments
  • Calendar and address book (synchronisable)
  • 100% green electricity from Green Planet Energy
  • All saved data can be encrypted at the click of a button
  • Comprehensive encryption
  • Two-factor authentication (TOTP) available
  • Ad-free website, ad-free email account
  • Sign up without entering personal details
  • Pay anonymously by bank transfer, cash or PayPal
  • Personal support at no additional charge


Posteo: Convenient


  • Can be encrypted
  • Synchronise with CalDAV (iOS, Android,...)
  • Shareable with others
  • Show birthdays
  • Import and export with ICS
  • Reminder function
  • Categories can be freely selected
Conveniently manage your appointments with our webmail calendar. The calendar can be synchronised and encrypted.

Posteo: Convenient

Address book

  • Can be encrypted
  • Synchronise with CardDAV (iOS, Android, ...)
  • Conveniently manage contacts
  • Group function
  • Import and export with CardDAV
  • Contacts can have an image
  • Birthdays can be integrated into the calendar
“Manage your contacts with our webmail address book.”
With Posteo, we would like to provide an impetus for more sustainability on the internet. A Posteo email account saves CO2, nuclear waste and resources.

Posteo: operates


  • 100% electricity from Green Planet Energy
  • Appropriately dimensioned, virtualised servers
  • Efficient hardware with as little toxic material as possible
  • Further efficiency via optimised programming
  • Finances with the socially-ecological GLS Bank
  • Savings with Umweltbank
  • Regular donations to environmental NGOs
  • Office outfitted in line with sustainability criteria
  • Use of 100% recycled paper
  • Commute with public transport and bicycle
Posteo supports the informational self-determination of its users. We are for data economy and do not collect any personal details whatsoever. BSI TR-03108-1 Datenschutz zertifiziert

Posteo: maximal


  • Anonymous signup and payment
  • Saved data can be encrypted at the click of a button
  • TLS-encryption (PFS, DANE, ...)
  • Encrypted hard disks
  • Daily security backups
  • Highly efficient virus filter
  • IP stripping
  • No data circulation
  • Calendar and address book can be encrypted
  • Servers in highly secure German data centres

Posteo: Guaranteed


  • Ad-free webmail interface
  • Ad-free website
  • Highly efficient spam filter
  • No trade in customer data
  • No aggressive ads directed at prospective customers
"Posteo is not financed by advertising:
You will receive no ads whatsoever from us and we are not interested in collecting or selling your personal details."
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Posteo: Data


  • Convenient and free migration of your previous email accounts (including folder structures). Folders can be selected individually.
  • Maximum privacy: migration occurs without third parties. The Posteo migration service retrieves your data and transfers it to your account, encrypted.
  • "Change of address" for your emails: email collector (for three months at first, extendable indefinitely)
  • Migration of address book and calendar data
    (open standards CardDAV and CalDAV)
Address book

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Press reviews

Indeed, the company has been a global leader in rolling out secure technologies.

The Guardian

Make an account with German service Posteo instead of with Googlemail.

Planet Wissen

With Posteo, the user sets up their account anonymously and also pays anonymously. Posteo even implements two-factor authentication (2FA, a security feature) anonymously.

Stiftung Warentest

Berlin company Posteo has this Monday presumably become the first email provider in the world to implement modern DANE technology, which ensures encrypted transport of emails.


Posteo is not merely a commercial project. Its absolute commitment to privacy shows that communications providers can also think and act politically.


Posteo works with all current encryption methods. Above all else, it collects as little data as possible from its customers.


There are many email providers, but Posteo stands out from the crowd. The small Berlin company not only operates with optimum security and privacy, but also has an especially sustainable philosophy.

Ökotest Verlag (Markt und Medien)

Certificate pinning is a relatively new standard, which works towards restoring trust in encryption on the web. (...) Posteo is now the first larger German provider to test this concept in practice.


As an alternative to the main email providers, WDR internet expert Jörg Schieb recommends an account with the German service "Posteo", which is completely ad-free and highly values the privacy of data and personal information.

To establish trust in the company's integrity, Posteo in May 2014 became the first German email provider to publish a transparency report on requests from authorities.

Technology Review

The former Greenpeace activists at Posteo comply with applicable laws with more discipline than the investigative authorities prefer to.

Technology Review

Posteo is one of the most unusual German start-ups: The email provider declines to use advertising and wants to collect as little data from its users as possible.

c't magazin

Posteo, on the other hand, impressed. The small email provider was the only German email service to offer encryption with Forward Secrecy for all email protocols.

c't magazin

Berlin-based provider Posteo offers a lot of comfort, great features and a high security standard, for little money.


Posteo operates with green energy, its own capital and permanent employee contracts in order to offer secure email accounts. The Berlin company is up with the times.


Crypto mail storage provides Posteo customers with personalised encryption of their entire email data at the click of a button.


Well before the NSA scandal, a small team in Berlin had already thought about secure – and above all else, truly private – email communication, founding the email service Posteo in 2009.


Most reports and articles concentrate almost exclusively on Posteo's stance on privacy and data security. The plan to establish an alternative email provider originally arose out of an ecological motivation.

Stiftung Futur Zwei

The transparency report presented today by Posteo levels fierce criticism at the practice of requests from authorities.

One distinctive feature is that with Posteo, address books and calendars added online can be encrypted by the user.

Spiegel Online

An account with 2 GB storage space costs 1 EUR per month – for that fee it is ad-free, the servers are run using green energy from Greenpeace Energy, and support by email is free of charge.


One special feature is that Posteo allows its users to save their complete email, address book and calendar data in encrypted stores.

c't magazin

Those who wish to open an entirely anonymous email account can do so knowing that the payment information isn’t associated with the account.

Irish Times

The account costs 1 EUR per month, for which the customer receives 2 GB storage space and the assurance of being with a company that uses green energy and an account with the GLS Bank.

Berliner Zeitung

Accessing emails, appointments and contact information is possible on all platforms such as OS X, iOS, Android and Windows.


In Germania va forte Posteo, un servizio di email ultra sicuro che promette di non conservare alcune informazione identificativa relativa ai messaggi scambiati

La Stampa

La start-up berlinoise, spécialisée dans les boîtes mails sécurisées et payantes est devenue en quelques années le leader mondial du secteur.

ParisBerlin Magazine

Privacy-oriented email provider Posteo has introduced password-based encryption of entire accounts on its servers. This is activated by the user in the settings and then occurs automatically with the user's password.


Privacy is ensured by encryption and IP stripping, whereby Posteo’s server replaces your IP with theirs anytime you send an email. Also, no ads are served nor is user data tracked.

Irish Times

Your environmental conscience can also be improved with a Posteo account, as the company places particular value in energy efficiency and protecting the environment.


About Posteo

“We are an independent email service based in Berlin and are highly concerned with sustainability, security, privacy and usability. Posteo is completely ad-free and 100% powered by green energy from Green Planet Energy. We advocate for “informational self-determination”: In these times of network surveillance, Posteo protects the privacy of its users with a modern and innovative encryption and security model.” Read on >>

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We use:

  • Green energy from Green Planet Energy
  • Data reduction
  • Ad-freedom
  • Encryption
  • Anonymous signup and payment
  • Synchronisation
  • Sustainable operation
  • and much more...