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How do I set up the Posteo address book with CardDAV-Sync on my Android smartphone or tablet?

With the CardDAV-Sync app, you can also use your Posteo address book on your Android smartphone or tablet.

There are two versions of CardDAV-Sync. A free version CardDAV-Sync free and a paid version CardDAV-Sync. You can synchronise all of your Posteo contacts with both apps. The free Version does not synchronise all contact features including organisation, title, job title, birthday, notes, nickname and category. You can find a full list on the developer’s website.

How to set up your Posteo address book with CardDAV-Sync on your Android device

  1. Open CardDAV-Sync (free) on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  2. Tap on the Posteo logo located underneath "Add account …" .
  3. Enter your Posteo email address.
  4. Enter your Posteo password.
  5. Tap on Next.

  1. Give the account a name like Posteo address book.
  2. Tap on Finish.
  3. Complete setup by tapping on Done.

Will my existing Android contacts be automatically copied to Posteo?

Android’s system processes address books separately. Because of this, existing contacts saved on your device or on another provider’s server will not be automatically transferred to Posteo. To move a contact into your Posteo address book, edit it on your Android device and select your Posteo account when tapping on Save in.

If your existing contacts are saved on another provider’s server (like Gmail, for example), you can copy the addresses with our migration service to your Posteo address book.

How do I make my Posteo address book the default account for contacts on my Android?

Would you like to have the contacts that you create on your Android smartphone be automatically saved at Posteo? To do so, make Posteo the default address book on your Android with these steps:

  1. Tap on the three Menu dots located in the upper right within the Android contacts app.
  2. Open the Settings.
  3. Tap on Default account for new contacts.
  4. Select your Posteo account.

Special cases and errors with specific versions of Android

It’s possible that your Posteo account may be deleted from your Android device when updating the CardDAV-Sync app on certain versions of Android and Samsung devices. For further instructions and workarounds, see the app’s page on Google Play.

Note: Your contacts on the Posteo server are not affected by this error.

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